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Change is hard enough on a regular day, let alone the rapid pace we are currently forced into.

In the spirit of positive togetherness, we’d like to help. Our Amplifier Consultants are offering a limited number of free 30 minute consultations. This is an opportunity to talk about your business, we're aren't trying to sell you anything, we know times are tough - we really do just want to help!

You can use this time to discuss your current challenges, get our thoughts on some stopgap measures you’re considering, or hear how others in the industry are coping right now.

We can help:

  • Discuss your COIVD-19 response plans and challenges, and work through your re-opening plan.

  • Understand how to “right size” your store estates through modelling, so you can identify which locations should close, areas that are underserved, and which stores are over/under-staffed.

  • Understand the physical and digital channels that telcos should leverage in a post-COVID world.

  • Progress or accelerate your digital transformation with some agile, tactical projects, like kiosk solutions and self-care apps.

  • How to upskill your staff by delivering an advanced telco retail training course – with e-learning, you can get them started before they return to work.

  • How to enable key omnichannel journeys and transactions that move seamlessly across channels.

To arrange your free consultation, please fill out the form on this page.