Free Keynote: Preparing and
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Generation Alpha are your future customers. In fact, at just 9 years old, they are quickly becoming your current customers. Around 97% of these digital natives have already used a mobile device before their first birthday; by their fourth, they have their own device.

How the job of the telco retailer is changing, and how to prepare for it.

What the perfect telco retail store is made of and what keeps customers loyal.

Why your telco retail should be transformed and optimized with customers in mind.

Millennials were disruptive. But children of millennials? They will shake up the entire retail experience. For telco retailers still tethering phones to counters, this is very problematic.

The Alphas, following in the footsteps of Gen Z, don’t know a life without technology. They demand more, and they demand different.

Are you prepared for hyper-personalized experiences? To offer something more than just your products? Right now, you may not be giving them an experience at all.

Telco retailers need to establish compelling narratives and pursue experiential marketing to increase customer acquisition, and then retention.

But times are tough and retail is dying, right? Wrong. Times are just changing. Retail, telco, and your customers are all evolving. Integrate your telco retail operations with your customers expectations; shift from retail, to ‘me-tail’.

Watch our Keynote video to learn more about what you can do to prepare for your next generation of customers.

Future-proof your telco business by putting Gen Z and Alpha at the helm. But to do so requires a re-think across the board.

Watch our keynote now to learn how to evolve your operations, delight – and keep – customers, and avoid becoming just a data pipe. “From Retail to Me-tail” is presented by retail expert, Will Gibson, VP of Marketing & Amplifier at Maplewave. In it, he explores how to optimize your business now, and prepare for the future.

View Will Gibson’s keynote speech, “From Retail to Me-tail”, originally presented at the 2019 Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Global Summit, here.

Watch the keynote