Is Your ‘Pandemic Pause’ A Recipe For Disaster?


Is COVID-19 a time to regroup, or the perfect time to push through? History gives us the answer.


Is Your 'Pandemic Pause' A Recipe for Disaster?


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2020 has been a challenging year for telcos. With their services in higher demand than ever before, and retail shutdowns hampering their ability to serve customers, telcos are in a precarious position.

Forward-thinking carriers have recognized the need to accelerate their digital transformations so they can diversify how they serve customers. And yet, many are pausing these critical projects so they can regroup and start fresh in 2021.

History shows us this is the wrong decision. Kodak, Nokia and Yahoo are three examples of industry-leading companies who dragged their heels at a critical moment, ultimately contributing to their demise.

By pushing ahead and investing in the right solutions now, telcos can jump in front of their competitors and set themselves up for long term success.